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I’m Nick Aberson, audiovisual designer and musician. I have worked as a director, cinematographer, composer and editor on several projects. Besides artistic films, I do corporate audiovisual projects for several clients as Nike, Francois Geurds, In de Keuken van Floris, Het Proces, Joseph Guy, showroom MAMA, Magnum, Wdka.

As a film director I started making films when I was 16 years old. My first film won 3rd price on a local art festival. I dreamt of going to the film academy and learn the craft. After several years I decided to go to art school and finally began my study as an audiovisual designer at the Art Academy in Rotterdam. After 4 years of a lot of inspiration, failures and hard work, I graduated with a short fiction film about a boy who dreamt up his own space adventure while trying to escape the daily struggles in life.
Collins Cosmos premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2011 as an official selection.

Directly after my graduation I started working on a music project, teaching myself piano and writing songs. Creating music in bands and as a solo musician, I played several gigs in 2012 with my band Minor Planet Magdalena. Meanwhile I started up a new filmproject with my fellow members at the Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam, a filmcollective based on working with analogue film, mainly 16mm. In 2015 this feature length experimental film Hometown premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.


Do you want more info about my projects or do you want to work together?
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info [at] nickaberson.nl